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By executing a letter of intent, available here online, you reserve office space in the office buildings proposed by American Development Communities, Inc. and McKay Kinchin and Associates, LLC..  The letter of intent is a nonbinding agreement that reserves your space until the buildings are finished.  At which time you will make a final decission as to whether you actually enter into a lease agreement. We will accept up to 200% of the office space in letters of intent to help assure occupancy. The letters will be filed in chronological order and space will be leased on a first come first served basis until 100% the office space is leased.  The buildings are designed for medical facilities.

letter of intent ADC realty.pdf

To do this follow these instructions.

Download the pdf file Letter of Intent (LOI) to Lease, by clicking on the red button to the right.  Your pdf software will opeen the file. Save it to your computer and print it out or insert your electronic signature.  Fill out the form reserving your space.  Using the email button to the right open an email message in youurr desk top.  Attach the pdf ffile to the message and  email it to us or drop in the mail to our Alpharetta, Ga. Address.  The file name   of  the pdf when you scan the printed form back into your pdf software should be:  yourname_loi.pdf.  Once we receive it, you will receive an email confirming your reservation.


Mail: of Intent to Lease Office Space&body=Send your signed LOI attached hereto in pdf format. We will confirm to you that we have recieved it and filed it according to procedures.

Use the email icon below to send your LOI to ADC Realty. Use the PDF button to obtain the LOI form. Print it out, fill it out, sign it. Scan it back into your computer using your PDF software. Save it giving it a file name that identifies you or your organization, company, or entity such as your_name.pdf  

When you click on the email button, your email will open.  Choose the paper clip to attach the file.  Send it.  You will get an an email confirmation.