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Directly across the road from 380 Mullinax Rd. is the location of the new Dr. Deila Denmark High scheduled to open in August of 2018 on a 118 acre campus. Forsyth County is served by Forsyth County Schools.  As of 2010 FCS served 42,600 students and is the largest employer in the county with over 4,100 full-time employees and 1,500 substitutes. Out of 180 school districts, FCS is the seventh largest school system in Georgia. FCS is home to 37 schools – twenty-one elementary, ten middle, five high schools, as well as the Academies for Creative Education (A.C.E) that houses one school, iAchieve Virtual Academy, FCS' 6–12 online school, and two programs, Gateway Academy (the alternative program for middle and high school students) and Forsyth Academy.  The Dr. Deila Denmark High is the sixth high school, currently there are 21 elementary, ten middle and five high schools.  

Growth in 2014-15 was more the five percent and is expected to increase with new homes and complexes being build in South Forsyth County.

2016 current total of 44,114 students is 1,416 more than last year’s final number. And this number will grow, said Mike Evans, director of    information and instructional support services for the school district. That’s because not every student has registered yet — 54 have appointments    and 24 have started the process but have incomplete forms — and schools often welcome students who move to the county during the year. He    said full-time equivalent enrollment is projected to break 50,000 students by 2018. By that time, Brandywine Elementary, DeSana Middle and    Denmark High schools likely will have opened.

Growth in public school registration is a way to gauge growth.  Along with children come parents, grandparents and others.  All in need of medical services.